Titanium Bottle Cage Bolts

Titanium Bottle Cage Bolts


Titanium Bottle Cage Bolts

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We need to have a frank discussion about something that is not often discussed. Yes, we need to bring something into the open that few cyclists wish to talk about. Poets have sung of its grace; artists have painted its beauty. I’m talking about a part of your bike that can be the sweetest, danitiest little part. And yet, unfortunately, it isn’t always.

Titanium Bottle Cage Bolt specifications

  • Length: 16mm

  • Diameter: 4.5mm

  • Hex socket size: 4mm

Blush, cuss or look away if you prefer, but I’m going to talk about your bottle cage.

There’s an offender that persists in ruining our quest for bottle cage beauty. A foe as old as time itself, an enemy who has dogged cyclists ever since someone first looked at two wheels and said to themselves ‘I reckon they would be fun to razz about the place whilst I sit a-top them’.

Shall we discuss it frankly? Gird your loins, hold your breath and shield the eyes of the more sensitive members of our cycling community… I’m talking about RUST. AKA ‘Bottle Cage Blight!’.

Few men, women or children will admit it, but there has been a time in the lives of all cyclists when he, she or they have glanced down to place their biden back in their bottle cage, only to have spotted the unsightly and unsetting spectre of rust glancing back at them. Two brown spots, one on each bottle cage bolt. Staring back, mocking us with a reddish brown stare from decayed eyes.

Banish Bottle Cage Blight with Titanium!

Some cyclists may blame nature. After all, it’s the science of nature that placed such a weakness on steel bolts. But here at Ti Cat Brand Titanium we say NAY, science and nature is the answer, not the enemy. For nature gave us the magical wonder that is Titanium, and science formed it into bottle cage bolts!

With the gentle non-surgical removal of tainted, rust-riven bottle cage bolts half the operation to beautification of our bottle cages is completed in a mere handful of minutes. Step two of this essential operation takes its form in the mechanical application of Titanium bolts.

Fabulous fastidious cyclists who want to be absolutely sure their noble steeds are free of bottle cage blight can trust Ti Cat Brand Titanium to salve their rusty eyesore issues.

Adding Titanium Bottle Cage Bolts to your bicycle is an almost painless process. You may feel a mild, temporary discomfort in your wallet. But this moment of fleeting, momentary fiscal anguish will pass, and will be replaced by the deep joy afforded to you by a lifetime of bottle cage use wholly free of rust.

Ti Cat Brand Titanium Bottle Cage Bolts perform excellently in conditions that cause cyclists to perspire actively. Ti Cat Brand Titanium Bottle Cage bolts are not to be taken internally. You do not need to consult your physician before fitting Ti Cat Brand Titanium Bolts to your bicycle.

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