Polished Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolt - Shimano compatible

Polished Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts - Shimano compatible


Polished Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts - Shimano compatible

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Polished Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts are a sound investment. Here’s why...

SPD-SL Cleat bolts are supplied in sets of six

No, that's not why these bolts are a good investment, but read on, please...

Imagine if you can, the heady thrill of picking up your favourite cycling shoes, turning them over and seeing six polished Titanium SPD-SL bolts looking back at you? They shine like stars, reflecting the morning sun, filling you with joyful anticipation for the ride ahead of you. Nuzzled into the scored and gouged plastic of your cleats, these polished Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts call to you.

A few hours later you arrive at the cafe with your cycling club. Everyone is sat down, happily chatting over cake and coffee. You casually sit back and stretch your legs out in front of you, flexing your ankles to loosen them up. And suddenly every person in the room gasps in excitement and admiration. They’ve seen the polished Titanium cleat bolts on the soles of your shoes!

This is not some wild dream. I’m not spinning a yarn of hopelessly unfulfillable desire, oh no, you can live the dream. You CAN buy polished Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts!

Okay, so we might be coming on a bit strong. But if you’ve read this far then you probably want to know why Titanium cleat bolts are popular. While it’s certainly true that they look fantastic, there are good practical reasons why it makes sense to fit your cycling shoes with Titanium cleat bolts.

Unlike steel cleat bolts, Titanium bolts don’t corrode when they come into the road filth that it’s impossible to avoid. This means they should never lose shape, fit or strength. In fact if you made the modest investment in Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts you’ll probably never have to buy another set of cleat bolts as long as you live. Unless you lose your cycling shoes. Buying these Titanium bolts won’t help casually misplaced footwear one little bit.

A little bit of investment advice

While Titanium cleat bolts won’t increase in value, they will last a really long time. They undeniably cost more than steel cleat bolts, but they will outperform steel in every way, at least in every way we can think of. So you can think of buying these polished Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts as a treat if you wish, but in reality, they are a sound and sensible investment.

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Polished Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts - Shimano compatible on shoes