Polished Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolt - Shimano compatible

Polished Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts - Shimano compatible


Polished Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts - Shimano compatible

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Polished Titanium bolts for MTB type SPD cleats. They look brilliant and should outlast the eventual heat death of the universe. Polished Titanium cleat bolts also don’t pit and degrade over the years in the way steel cleat bolts pit and degrade.

These SPD MTB cleat bolts are sold in sets of four (4)

All the fastest, most brilliant mountain bikers ride the trails with Polished Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts on their MTB shoes. At a guess...

Titanium cleat bolts don’t get seized to the bottom of your cycling shoes in the way steel bolts sometimes can. Titanium cleat bolts are undeniably lighter than their steel counterparts, but we’re prepared to admit this marginal gain is slimmer than the gap between ‘black’ and ‘very very very very dark blue’ in catalogues of priests’ socks. They do look pretty swish though!

Let us paint a picture for you - after a glorious day hammering the trails on your mountain bike you sit down to take off your cycling shoes. You’ve washed the bigger clods of mud off your steed, you’ve possibly ‘accidentally’ blasted a companion with the hose and if you’re a through kind of cyclist you’ve also given the bottoms of your shoes a quick blast. Hey, look at that! What’s that glinting in the sun on the sole of your shoe? Have you inadvertently picked up a silver sovereign during your pedalling adventure? Nah, that glint is coming from the gorgeously slinky looking polished Titanium cleats you bought from Ti Cat. Wait, that’s FAR cooler and more exciting than some stupid bit of olde world silver.

Titanium cleat bolts aren’t just for Christmas...

Titanium SPD MTB bolts should easily outlast even the stoutest of cycling footwear. These could be the last set of cleat bolts you ever need to buy!

Never mind the family silver, the time has come to treat yourself to Titanium!

Just hit the conveniently situated purchase link on this very page, and after a relatively painless operation (involving relieving your bank balance of a few paltry coins) you will be able to join the leagues of mountain bikers ‘in the know’.

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Polished Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts on cycling boots - Shimano compatible