Polished Titanium 5mm Headset Spacer

Polished Titanium 5mm Headset Spacers


Polished Titanium 5mm Headset Spacers

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Cycling folklore of old (well, since 1978) tells of ‘one true ring’ (headset spacer) that can propel the bearer to un-natural cycling ability in sportives, amateur races and quick trips to the cake shop. Due the magic of the Internet, we are pleased to be to offer you this very ring for sale. Don’t miss out!

Polished Titanium 5mm Headset Spacer specifications

  • External diameter (A): 35mm

  • Internal diameter (B): 29mm

  • Thickness (C): 3mm

  • Depth (D): 5mm

5mm headset spacers are sold in single units, but you can buy as many as you wish to in one purchase. We’re generous like that.

Legend tells of a ring of great cycling power, a stem spacer, forged in the very heart of Mount Ventoux by the mystical Merckx on his retirement in 1978. This ring of power is said to contain the brutal essence of the power of ‘The Cannibal’ himself. Into the ring Merckx poured his power, speed, wit and talent for annihilating other cyclists.

Rumour has it this ring has been handed down through generations of domestiques, all of whom go on to be victorious in the ancient tarmac battlefield of ‘Le Tour’.

Some could not wield the power of the ‘one ring’ and it corrupted and twisted them. There were whispers among the peloton in 2004 that Lance Armstrong was the current ring bearer. In recent years there have been rumours that the ring has resurfaced, being used to bend Le Tour to whims of a benevolent spirit who is known only by the name ‘Dave Brailsford’.

In honour and reverent celebration of the ‘one true ring / stem spacer’ legend (that we made up when writing this product description), Ti Cat Brand Titanium are honoured and proud to be offering a replica of this mythical bike part to a limited number of our customers.

Are you the chosen one. Is your heart pure and strong enough to wear the ‘one true ring’ on your stem? Buy some Ti Cat Brand Titanium headset spacers now to find out...

Polished Titanium 5mm Headset Spacers