Anodised Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolt - Shimano compatible

Anodised Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts - Shimano compatible


Anodised Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts - Shimano compatible

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Paul Simon wrote a song about someone having diamonds on the soles of their shoes, which sounds horribly impractical. Here at Ti Cat Brand Titanium we heartily recommend you attach cleats to the soles of your feet with anodised Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts.

SPD-SL Cleat bolts are supplied in sets of six

Can you imagine the fantastic beauty of seeing six iridescent anodised Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts on the bottom of your favourite pair of cycling shoes? With three beautiful, colourful anodised Titanium cleat bolts per foot you’ll cycle faster and feel better. The livestock in the fields you pass will stir as you pass, awakened by the raw animal power of your pedalling as you pass them.

As you cruise through towns and villages the elderly and infirm will faint. Parents will cover their children's eyes, fearful that looking upon such majesty will cause their offspring to abandon school in order to dedicate their young lives to the desperate desire to create an image of cycling perfection, such as you have presented, attached as you are to your noble steed with six, perfect, glamorous polished Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts. You are the very embodiment of dangerous and wild aspiration upon two wheels.

Okay, so maybe not. But these anodised are either strikingly handsome or distractingly beautiful. We can’t decide which description suits these bolts the best.

Titanium cleat bolts don’t pock or corrode through repeated and prolonged use like steel cleat bolts do. So while polished Titanium cleat bolts might not automatically make you faster, they’ll likely outlast several pairs of cycling shoes. It’s also really nice seeing just how good these bolts look on cycling shoes. It’s a little bit like cycling around with little toughened jewels on your feet. Maybe these bolts are what Paul Simon wrote that song about someone or other having diamonds on the soles of their shoes about?

The colour and magic of anodised Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts.

These tasty Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts are anodised for your comfort and enjoyment. Due to the way the anodising process works each bolt appears slightly different, slightly unique. A bit like a colourful snowflake, albeit one that helps keep you attached to your bike via your cleats.

Anodised titanium doesn’t look the way it does due to a coating, the magic of the electrical charges used during the anodising process oxidises the surface of the Titanium creating an incredibly thin layer of titanium dioxide. Theoretically this layer is slightly tougher than the Titanium underneath it, but as marginal gains for this toughening up is gossamer thin, and probably not worth writing home to mother about. However, we think it’s a pretty smart fact nonetheless.

Due to the way Titanium anodising works, and as a result of the laws of physics that govern us, the colourful effect can lessen over time. But rest assured; the cleat as whole will remain rock ‘ard regardless of what colour it is. We use the anodising process as a decorative effect more than anything else, because, well. Titanium is cool and anodised Titanium is cool and pretty easy on the eye!

Anodised Titanium on the soles of your shoes…

For slightly more money than a round in a pub, and considerably less outlay than a set of carbon rims, you could be the owner of the pretties lil SPD-SL bolts you ever did see. Add these bolts to you virtual shopping basket, sling us a few virtual coins and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Anodised Titanium SPD-SL cleat bolts - Shimano compatible on shoes