Anodised Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolt - Shimano compatible

Anodised Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts - Shimano compatible


Anodised Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts - Shimano compatible

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Anodised Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts not only look fantastic, they also last longer than steel cleat bolts and are not degraded by salts and all the other minerals your boots pick up while you’re cycling.

All the cool kids ride with Anodised Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts on their cycling shoes. Or at least they should.

Unlike traditional steel cleat bolts Titanium cleat bolts won’t seize to the sole of your MTB boots or shoes. Sure the weight advantage might be a bit marginal, but think of the joy of bombing around knowing you’ve got that tasty bit of bike bling on the bottom of your foot.

Picture yourself smiling gently after a rewarding day in the saddle, when you take off your favourite cycling footwear and see that nice little bit of Titanium bling looking back at you. Fit Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts and it’s a little bit like you’ll be riding around with a little secret that only you know about. At least it will be until you tell all your friends and they all want to copy your coolness!

The colour and magic of anodised Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts.

These tasty Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts are anodised for your comfort and enjoyment. Due to the way the anodising process works each bolt appears slightly different, slightly unique. A bit like a colourful snowflake, albeit one that helps keep you attached to your bike via your cleats.

Anodised titanium doesn’t look the way it does due to a coating, the magic of the electrical charges used during the anodising process oxidises the surface of the Titanium creating an incredibly thin layer of titanium dioxide. Theoretically this layer is slightly tougher than the Titanium underneath it, but as marginal gains for this toughening up is gossamer thin, and probably not worth writing home to mother about. However, we think it’s a pretty smart fact nonetheless.

Due to the way Titanium anodising works, and as a result of the laws of physics that govern us, the colourful effect can lessen over time. But rest assured; the cleat as whole will remain rock ‘ard regardless of what colour it is. We use the anodising process as a decorative effect more than anything else, because, well. Titanium is cool and anodised Titanium is cool and pretty easy on the eye!

So grab your wallet, virtual or otherwise, and treat yourself to some anodised Titanium Shimano Compatible SPD MTB Cleat Bolts right away. Not only will we think you’re just super-duper, but they could well be the last pair of cleat bolts you ever need to buy. These Titanium bolts should be tough enough to outlast any bit of cycling footwear you ever care to attach them to!

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Anodised Titanium SPD MTB cleat bolts on cycling boots - Shimano compatible