Anodised Titanium 5mm Headset Spacer

Anodised Titanium 5mm Headset Spacers


Anodised Titanium 5mm Headset Spacers

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Can anodised Titanium Headset Spacers make you faster? It might not surprise you to know that here at Ti Cat Brand Titanium we have strong opinions on the subject. Read on fellow cyclist, our opinions might be more controversial than you think!

Polished Titanium 5mm Headset Spacer specifications

  • External diameter (A): 35mm

  • Internal diameter (B): 29mm

  • Thickness (C): 3mm

  • Depth (D): 5mm

5mm headset spacers are sold in single units, but you can buy as many as you wish to in one purchase. We’re generous like that.

Picture this to yourself! Next weekend you go down to your bike - the same tired bike you’ve been cycling on for years. But you’ve made one simple change to your bike since you last went for a ride. The change was so easy a child could have made it for you. But now when you mount the saddle and lightly grasp your handlebars there’s a modern miracle of engineering science sitting right under your nose.

You have made the wise choice to fit one or more Ti Cat brand anodised Titanium headset spacer to your bike, and it looks fantastic. It’s like a new haircut when you’re feeling blue, or bumping into an old friend who insists on buying you a pint!

From the very first rotation of your pedals the improvement is obvious. This new piece of fine Titanium engineering makes all the difference. You glide effortlessly through the countryside, it’s almost like your legs feel ten years younger than they did last week.

Every ten or twenty seconds you treat yourself to a quick glance down at your stem. Yes! It still looks sexy as hell! You smile from ear to ear, knowing that you’ve used your wit and intelligence to upgrade your bicycle with one of the finest examples of metallurgic craftsmanship this side of the the moon.

You pull up and stop at some traffic lights. You hear an audible gasp as some young children in the back seats of the car next to you nudge each other excitedly and make a note to add anodised Titanium headset spacers to this years letters to Father Christmas.

The lights change from red to green and as you and the traffic edge across the intersection some chancer of a cyclist on an eye wateringly expensive bike rudely overtakes on the inside. You scoff and chuckle to yourself; now that you’ve got anodised Titanium headset spacers this wannabe doesn’t stand a chance. You wait patiently and calmly for a safe moment, then drop into the big dog and effortlessly race towards the upstart.

Within seconds you’re approaching his wheel with graceful yet devastating speed. As you start to overtake him you stop pedalling, sit up and roll past him, cheerfully mentioning the quality of the weather without a hint of effort anywhere on your face.

Once you have sailed past you don’t need to look back over your shoulder. You know the scene well - the slumped shoulders and crestfallen expression on the face of the rider you vanquished is something you’ve already seen several times on this ride.

You allow yourself a moment of indulgence to gently caress your new headset spacer as you gently whisper ‘thank you Titanium, thank you!’.

The majesty of Anodised Titanium Headset Spacers.

These alluring Titanium headset spacers are anodised for your pleasure. Due to the way the anodising process works each spacer appears slightly different, all are unique.

Anodised titanium doesn’t look the way it does due to a coating, the magic of the electrical charges used during the anodising process oxidises the surface of the Titanium creating an incredibly thin layer of titanium dioxide. Theoretically this layer is slightly tougher than the Titanium underneath it, but as marginal gains for this toughening up is gossamer thin, and probably not worth writing home to mother about. However, we think it’s a pretty smart fact nonetheless.

Due to the way Titanium anodising works, and as a result of the laws of physics that govern planet Earth, the colourful effect can lessen over time. But rest assured; the spacer as whole will remain rock ‘ard regardless of what colour it is. We use the anodising process as a decorative effect more than anything else, because, well. Titanium is cool and anodised Titanium is joy to look at!

The speed advantages of Anodised Titanium Headset Spacers may be fanciful, but the prices are not.

Cyclists, and we very much include everyone at Ti Cat in that group, tend to spend a small fortune on things that we can’t easily see while we’re riding. Most of the components in a groupset can’t be easily or safely admired while we’re pushing pedals. But headset spacers are something that’s in our eye-line most of the time we’re weighing down a saddle. Anodised Titanium Headset Spacers might be a luxury, but they are a very affordable luxury, and one you can enjoy every time you go for a ride.

So treat yourself to a little bit of bike bling!

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Anodised Titanium 5mm Headset Spacers on a bike stem