About us

So… who is behind Ti Cat Brand Titanium and why?

Ti Cat Band Titanium was founded by serial entrepreneur Andrew Laws, partly to satiate his obsession with metallurgy, engineering, and more importantly, cycling.

We are not a reseller, we drew up the technical drawings for our products ourselves and they are manufactured with strict quality control.

The shortest history lesson, possibly ever.

About twenty years ago Andrew launched his first online brand ‘Best Badges Ltd’ and that company is still going strong. Andrew is no longer directly involved with Best Badges but still adores everything about that company. Why? Because Best Badges taught Andrew a LOT about quality control, how to simplify the purchase of complex items and above all, how to really look after customers.

Andrew is also an SEO consultant, supporting many successful companies, including several brilliant industrial and engineering companies. It is through his work in the industrial sector that Andrew developed a deep love of the intricacies of brilliant engineering.

Ti Cat founder Andrew Laws is also a professional writer, journalist and slow cyclist. In fact, he was one of the first people in the world to write in-depth about innovative new cycling technologies like Tannus solid tyres.

So for these reasons and many more Ti Cat Brand Titanium was born. But any brand is about so much more than whoever came up with the plan to get the metaphorical ball rolling. Ti Cat is as much about the cyclists we support as it is about the people who keep the company cogs greased. From the very start, we have listened to what our fellow cyclists tell us they want from the wonderful world of Titanium, and we want to know more!

Ride fast, ride slow, go far, stay near. RIDE Ti.